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You can leverage the service and expertise of Veltisto.net to expand your business offerings. You may resell both our web hosting plans and our consulting services for a profit.

  • Benefits

    Increase your value-added services by incorporating web hosting, and web site design and development to your offerings.

    You have access to all Veltisto.net services at a significant 30% discount. There is absolutely no exceptions or hidden costs.

You can start selling web hosting directly to your clients without the high startup cost of expensive equipment and support staff.

As a Veltisto.net reseller you will have access to free technical support to help you resolve your clients issues in a timely and efficient fashion.

  • How To Join

    Joining our reseller program is easy. There is no application to fill out, no membership fee, and no initiation fee. You automatically qualify to be our reseller after you do $500 worth of business with us. This can be any combination of web hosting and consulting services. Start by ordering today.






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